Saturday, August 30, 2014

Ukraine to Overtake Russia

At this time, there is no denying a great deal of tension exists between Russia and Ukraine. Russia took the Crimea from Ukraine. Now Russia is invading southeastern Ukraine. (Somehow, I think vodka is somehow involved.) However, here on my blog, Ukraine is on the verge of overtaking Russia. In an event as inconsequential as number of page views, but overtake nonetheless.

My understanding is that my ethnic heritage is of Ukrainian, Byelorus or Russian and Galician, a pre-WWII country west of the Russian Empire, east of Germany, north of Kingdom of Hungary and south of Poland, currently part of Ukraine. Does that mean my blog is being visited by Ukrainians because they know of my ethnic heritage? Or are Ukrainians visiting to read about my gardening techniques? It could be the fact that the Oaks Shopping Center is near completion? Whatever the reason, Ukrainians have recently been visiting my blog in considerable numbers.

At the beginning of 2014, Ukrainian visits were behind Chinese visits. Not now. Ukrainian visits have increased significantly since the Crimea situation. So much so that China is near half the visits of Ukraine. 

Slow down a second here and wait for it.

Here it is. The big news.

Ukraine is just two visits from overtaking Russian visits to my blog.

Not earth shattering, I will admit. On the global level, it may even be a tiny accomplishment. No, a minuscule accomplishment. However, no matter how infinitesimal an accomplishment it may seem, I am sure at this point in time, the Ukrainians will take the win.

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Monday, June 2, 2014

Wawa and Wendy's Are Open in Oaks

Both Wawa and Wendy's in the Oaks Shopping Center are open as of Monday 2 June 2014.


The Wawa has shed it skin in Audubon and is reborn in Oaks.

As I photographed the building at the old location several people pulled onto the lot and were confused as to situation. I think Wawa customers would be better served with a large sign in the windows of the closed location pointing to the new location. But, who am I to make this kind of suggestion?

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Hades Releases Persephone

February 3, 2014 - 7.3"/185mm snow

The winter has been rather harsh here. A great deal of snow was shoveled. Much more than normal. Temperatures were low into the first month of spring. But as Zeus commands Hades to release Persephone each spring, the earth awakes.

I began the growing season late again this year as last. The reason was one of mixed cold temperatures and malaise. I missed the sowing of peas and onions for the second year in a row. I do so love freshly picked snow peas. Not to worry. The temperature rose above 68ºF/20ºC this week. I feel planting fever coming on.

First action I took in the square foot garden was sprinkling two tablespoons of my organic fertilizer on each square foot section of both raised beds. Second action was to mixing it into the first inch or so of planting medium.

What you see in the photograph are the two of the four drip irrigation tubes I use to water the raised beds along with the fertilizer atop the growing medium.

Fertilizer mixed into the growing medium.

Third action was to cover both raised beds with red plastic mulch.
The mulch will server many purposes.
  1. Warm the soil
  2. Keep out any unwanted seeds
  3. Retain moisture
  4. Reflect light up under the leaves.
Persephone is only upon the earth for a short time. Don't just stand there, do something in your garden. 

I am already thinking of that first tomato.

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Goodbye Wawa Store #72

In just five weeks Wawa store #72 will close. It was the seventy-second Wawa store opened.

#72 opened in 1973, 40 years ago.

On May 15th, the staff will be moving to new store # 8062, down Egypt Road in the Oaks Shopping Center.

The small strip mall type Wawa will soon be a relic.

As for #8062, the gas pumps are installed.

The new led luminaries are installed. I can almost smell the rolls baking and the coffee brewing.

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Oaks Shopping Center Getting Closer to Opening

It has been over a year since construction started on Oaks Shopping Center at the intersection of Black Rock and Egypt Roads, in Oaks, PA. Originally, the center was to open in the autumn of 2013. Inclement weather throughout 2013 kept construction behind schedule. As the winter weather finally begins to recede, construction gets closer to completion.

Wendy's is hiring, as you can see by the sign.

Penn Liberty Bank from Egypt Rd side and behind with servers from Uno parking along the roadway.

Concrete is being cut in front of Wawa. Their fuel pumps are in place under the large canopy.

The stores in the rear of the center are not quite as far along as the bank, Wendy's and Wawa seem to be.

This is an overall view of the center from the corner of Egypt and Gumbes Rds. On the lot in the foreground the Buffalo Wild Wings Bar and Grill will arise. 

It won't be long before bright lights shine all night long, day after day, everyday of the year combined with the odor of burning beef and chicken wafting through the air.

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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Another Barn Falls in Lower Providence Township

April 2011
April 2011

I've seen two barns torn down in Lower Providence Township within the last few years to make way for new houses. Within just the last two months another barn fell. This time it was not torn down. It collapsed.

October 2013
In October 2013 it was obvious the barn was in trouble.

October 2013
30-odd inches of snow was the last straw.

February 2014

February 2014

I am sorry to see another bit of history go.

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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Planting Seeds of Dreams

I received three seed catalogs in the mail just days after Christmas. Seed companies know what they are doing riding the coattails of the season. Still fresh in our memories are the faces of children with their toys under the tree. They are planting in our heads the seeds of dreams.

Photograph from eBay
Seed catalogs have rooted themselves into the furrow plowed by the dream catalog of childhood:The Sears Roebuck Christmas Catalog. Unlike Clement Moore, of sugar plums we never dreamed. We dreamed of toys. Toy in the Sears Wish Book. We revered that dream filled catalog like a sacred magical book. Every page was fingered hundreds, maybe, thousands of times before our eyes closed the night before Christmas. The pages were dogeared. The photographs circled. They were by our sides until we dropped off to sleep.

Photo from eBay

Of all the toys we chose, our families purchased just a few. If any. This time around we are the ones making the purchases. We can purchase as many seed packets as we can afford. Seeds that may never see the light of day, breathe fresh air or feel warm damp soil. For it is not the flowers and vegetables that are being sold. Seeds, desires and dreams of flowers and vegetables are what these catalogs are selling.

As before, I'll carry these catalogs with me to work. I will take them to the toilet. I will take them to bed. Soon, it will be time to decide which seeds to order from circled photographs on those dogeared pages. Then stacks of seed packets will spill across my kitchen table. Packets containing potential flowers and vegetables that may grow in my garden. Maybe, they will just remain beautiful seeds of dreams.

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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Oaks Shopping Center - One Year Later

Just a bit more than one year has elapsed since I began photographically following the progress of construction at the Oaks Shopping Center site. What a difference a year makes!


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